Why Are We Here?


After prayer, study and discussion the leadership of BRC has adopted the following statements to help give both clarity and alignment for the church.



Brunswick Reformed Church

Why do we exist?

BRC exists to be a church where

the love of Jesus is transforming lives.

What do we do?

BRC offers opportunities for Christ-centered worship,

discipleship, fellowship, service and outreach.



What Are Our Core Values?




In all of life the Bible governs, guides, shapes and sends us out.


God and his grace is the lens

through which we view and respond to ourselves and others.



The love of Jesus empowers us to value and love all people,

and to serve those for whom God is equipping us.


To What Values Do We Aspire?




We will continue to develop a wise understanding of God’s Word,

an ability to discern God’s will, and an eagerness to obey God’s leading.


We will continue to grow in our commitment and love

for both personal and corporate worship. 



We will place involvement in God’s mission

before personal preferences or human traditions.

Faith sharing: 

With humble confidence we will live out our faith, sharing our stories

and inviting others to join us on the journey as we have opportunity.



We will live all aspects of life dependent on God and in communication with him,

sharing our hearts and listening for his leadings.