Wednesday Connections

Wednesday Connections

Wednesday Connections
is one night a week when the entire family (whether single or with multiple kids) can be involved (connected) with their own family, their church family, their community and most importantly, God, through music, Bible studies, service projects and family fun nights. 

Most weeks will include Bible studies for adults, and studies for children following the Bible school model. Periodically we will take a break from our studies to connect with the community by doing some type of service project.  Occasionally we will connect inter-generationally through a fun night (games, parties, dinners etc.). 

Connections is taking a break for the summer.  These classes were offered Winter 2017. New classes begin September 2017.

Wednesday Connections meets on Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. 
The following classes will be offered:

Sermon Based Small Groups lead by Pastor Jay, Mark Herbert and Mary Lee Wilson.  Two goals of a sermon based group are to increase your relationship with God and build relationships with others in the church.

Kids Club Kindgergarten - 5th
led by Jason & Alexa Palmer      Room 10-11

Jay Carroll, Associate Pastor