Kid's Hope USA

Our Mission : KIDS HOPE USA builds caring relationships. . .
one child, one hour, one church, one school. 

Our Belief: We believe in Jesus' way.

Our Values:
CHILDREN: because every child matters
RELATIONSHIPS: because love is only possible person to person
FAITHFULNESS: because if I say I will, I will.
PRAYER: because it is our language of hope.

Why is KIDS HOPE USA Needed?
Many U.S. children are at-risk

·  Churches want to reach and love these children but they don't know how

·  Principals and teachers, parents and students are asking for it

What is KIDS HOPE USA ? KIDS HOPE USA churches give hope to children in public elementary schools through a relationship with a caring church member.

H: Helping to meet the emotional, social and academic needs of at-risk children by giving them a one-to-one relationship with a mentor from our church

O: Owned by our church. This is our ministry to children and families in our neighborhood.

P: Prayer is the foundation for our work. A behind-the-scenes prayer partner from our church prays for each adult-child relationship.

E: Elementary school children are our focus. They need mentoring most because they are at that critical time when values are formed, self-esteem is developed and critical academic skills must be acquired.

Why Does KIDS HOPE USA Work?

·  Lives are changed

  Proven model: one child, one hour, one church, one school

 Will You Give Hope to a Child?

 If you believe Kids Hope USA is for you, contact Candice Lenart and she will provide you with a Volunteer Packet and contact you to begin the interview process.  Again, mentors must be BRC members or active attenders.


Candice Lenart, Director
Contact the Kids Hope USA website::